Early on we learned, that real estate investors have to know what they are doing. There are steps that you have to take to be successful in this real estate business. Hopefully, sharing on our blog will help you along the way. How did we get started in real estate? Glad you asked!

Our dream condo was determined to teach us many lessons. Lessons that we want to share with you, to give you an edge in this real estate game. The seller sold it on certain terms…. Those included that we would make a small down payment, monthly payments with zero interest!! YES, I said Zero interest…In 70 short payments our little piece of paradise would be all ours.

Finally, the last ‘P’ in our real estate story, presistence. Learning and growing or “OJT”, on the job training has been one of the wildest,yes most rewarding rides of our lives so far. We stayed with it and committed to making our condo work.