The 3 P’s of Success – Persistence

The weekend prior to Bike Week 2020 our unit (“Shark Cove Inn” on Vacasa Short Term Rental) was finally ready to be presented to the market.  Sharks are our thing and it shows! Everything from the shower curtain to switch plate covers, and even a hand painted shark themed table and surfboard.  We FINALLY completed our 4-year project. As soon as it hit the market our property management company had several rentals from March to May.  Guess there are more shark fanatics out there.  Super proud and super excited and then…. COVID-19. Just like that…poof they are gone. The rental listing has just gone live again, and we immediately got a booking for the week of July 4th.  It’s not much but it’s a start and sometimes that is all you need… 

This condo has clearly defined us and our real estate career.  We have persevered with patience, passion, and persistence.  The 3 P’s of any successful endeavor.  We have now done close to 100 very successful deals since we bought this property in 2015. We have attended hundreds of trainings, hundreds of meetings, and we have paid for coaches to be the best at what we do.  Every property is a learning experience and as long as we keep learning we keep growing.  Much like the shark, if you are always moving forward you will be successful in whatever you do.


JI and SM 

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